Spurgeon on True Conversion

In his book, “The Forgotten Spurgeon,”  Iain Murray lists 7 marks of true conversion as C.H. Spurgeon thought of them. A rather profound way to consider the miracle of new birth.

1. When the Word of God converts a man, it takes away from him his despair but it does not take away from him his repentance.

2. True conversion gives a man pardon, but does not make him presumptuous.

3. True conversion gives a man perfect rest, but it does not stop his progress.

4.True conversion gives a man security, but it does not allow him to leave off being watchful.

5. True conversion gives a man strength and holiness, but it never lets him boast.

6. True conversion gives a man harmony to all the duties of Christian life…it balances all duties, emotions, hopes and enjoyments.

7. True conversion brings a man to live for God. He does everything for the glory of God,- whether he eats, or drink, or whatsoever he does. True conversion makes a man live before God…He desires to live as in God’s sight at all times, and he is glad to be there…And such a man now comes to live with god. He has blessed communion with him; he talks with him as a man talks with his friend. (p. 119-120)


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