“Why do you love me?”

That’s the question my oldest son asked me a few months back. It came out of nowhere right after I told him that I loved him. I don’t think it meant much for him, it was probably just one of those impulsive things that 2 year olds do.

The question, however, is more significant and profound than he realizes. We ask this question daily. In many ways our life’s direction is determined by how this question is answered.

Not only is it a “why” question that seeks to know the reason and purpose behind something, but it’s a why question about love. If you think about it, you ask this on a subconscious person who is involved with you on any level. All our relationships depend on the answer to, “why does this person love me?”

If we take the meaning of love to be broader than romantic love then you can see that when we want to know why people are friends with us, or why our coworkers treat us a certain way, or why our spouses do the things they do, or whether we should trust our pastors, has to do with they love toward us.

On an even more significant level this question relates to why does God love someone. Is it because of how good they are? How much good they have done for him? How sincere they are or how much effort they exert? Maybe because of church, denomination, theological system they hold to?

I think that fundamentally God’s answer to that question concerning his children would be no different than mine to my son – “it is because you are my son.”

This is the essence of the Gospel. This is why Christ came, lived, died, and was raised again. It is so that we by faith could not only have our sins forgiven and guilt removed, but so that we would become the children of God. Loved by him because we are now related to him as his children.